Seamless Home Improvements

My house needed a boost! My massage therapist recommended a house painter, garage door guy, and a bathroom contractor. All three were the best processionals I have ever worked with. With minimal effort on my part, I have a freshly painted house that looks like new, elegant carriage garage doors and an updated bathroom with…

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What Dracula’s Blood Has Taught Me About Life

I went to see Dracula and sat next to the stage. At intermission the woman sitting next to me said, “You don’t like this play, do you?” I told her I didn’t like the fake blood. At the end of Act 2, Dracula crashed to the floor. His fake blood squirted all over my designer…

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Creating Space in the Partnership Gua Transformed My Marriage

In feng shui, our storage spaces (closets, cabinets, drawers) represent the hidden parts of ourselves (our thoughts, emotions and feelings.) This story illustrates how removing an item from a cabinet in Partnership improved a marriage.In mid December I opened the cabinet located in the corner of my partnership gua to pull out toys for my…

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