Creating Space in the Partnership Gua Transformed My Marriage

In feng shui, our storage spaces (closets, cabinets, drawers) represent the hidden parts of ourselves (our thoughts, emotions and feelings.) This story illustrates how removing an item from a cabinet in Partnership improved a marriage.

In mid December I opened the cabinet located in the corner of my partnership gua to pull out toys for my grandchildren. To my surprise, I found these two storage units with six file drawers holding audio cassettes used in my music teaching 25 years ago.

Kids albums by professional singers and story tellers, self made tapes, classical music for children… I perused the rich history of well-chosen materials that delighted me and my students. I nostalgically recalled our fun-filled music classes.

Then came the reality check! WHY were these outdated cassettes taking up precious real estate in a closet needed for toys for my grandies? I no longer own a cassette player! How did I pass over these units during my summer decluttering? And furthermore, how have these old tapes affected my partnership? How will it change after these oldies are gone?

Once out of the closet, into the car and dumped at the transfer station, I told myself, “I’m letting go of the old “tapes” in my marriage. I’m opening to whatever happens next.”

My husband and I decided not to exchange gifts this holiday. Sheltering in place showed us that we have everything we need. But the open space in the closet created an opening within me. I needed to express my heartfelt words of appreciation.

Many times this year I felt gratitude for my husband who is very easy to live with. He’s done all the grocery shopping, and when my parents passed away, he held me when I grieved. He accompanied me to an outdoor church service on the town green to hear my parents names read aloud.

I looked in my card drawer and found the perfect image to convey my feelings. This couple displays gentle intimacy and companionship.

I wrote my words of gratitude for my husband’s kindness in 2020. And summarized, “I am in the right place and with the right person.”

When he read the card, my husband said, “This is a very kind sentiment.” He stood up and hugged me. Now we have a closer connection.

I treasure the Chinese expression, “1/4 once moves 1,000 pounds.” This saying has proved itself often in my feng shui practice as I observe changes in my clients. This time by letting go of the old tapes from my closet in Partnership, a transformation took place within me. I became the change I am now happy to enjoy in my marriage.

And by the way, I’m leaving that space in the cabinet open for more goodness to drop in to my partnership.

Mary Roberts
Successful Spaces

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