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Everyone on campus benefits when students’ transition smoothly to college life. Mary Roberts collaborates with college professionals to help students prepare for a SUCCESSFUL college experience. Mary’s College Launch presentations – perfect for orientation and welcome week – ease students’ move from home to residence hall to get off to a great start.

Students Of Successful Spaces Report That They:

  • Overcome challenges, adapt to change and find new directions
  • Focus better on schoolwork and succeed academically
  • Relax more easily and sleep more soundly
  • Have more energy and feel optimistic
  • Make friends and feel supported
  • Speak up and are respected
  • Love being in their rooms

Read Mary’s Book: Jump-Start Your College Success!

“I recommend this book for all students wanting to set up their home bedroom or college dormitory to create a more comfortable and efficient living/study space. It can change the way they feel about studying in their dorm room. My granddaughter and I applied Ms. Roberts principles to her home bedroom and she loves spending time reading in her “feels just right” space she called it. I think this is a worthwhile book that is well written and gives clear informative advice. I gifted several books as graduation and back-to-school gifts.”

-Estelle Odle, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Consult with Mary

Call Mary for a free 15-min conversation to clarify the goals for your ideal life!

“Successful places produce successful people.”
Mary Roberts

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