About Feng Shui

About Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese method of creating living and working spaces uniquely suited to the individual. Feng shui practitioners study how the built environment affects people, and suggest ways to create spaces that support us to meet the challenges in our lives and to welcome the opportunities. A feng shui environment affirms who we are and what we want from our lives.

Chi or vital energy links us to our environment. Feng shui practitioners observe ch’i as it moves in and around everyone and everything. When chi’ flows smoothly in our surroundings, it flows smoothly inside our bodies. Then we feel safe, grounded and flexible to handle our life situations.

When our physical space is blocked, we may feel unable to reach our life purpose. Feng shui adjustments help to remove the blocks creating a smooth flow throughout our living and work spaces, restoring balance to the place and to the person.

Benefits Of Feng Shui

We are energetically connected to our environment. Therefore it is possible to change our environment and experience change within ourselves.

  • Improved feelings of comfort and safety
  • Increased balance and relaxation
  • Sharper clarity and focus
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Stable finances and career growth

In ancient China feng shui was only available to nobility and people in high positions. Today feng shui is available to anyone who wants to improve their space to become more successful.

Optimal Times For Feng Shui

  •  Selling or buying a home
  •  Building or renovating
  •  Achieving a life goal
  •  Managing a major life transition
  •  Finding a job
  •  Seeking a partner
  •  Improving a relationship
  •  Recovering from illness
  •  Improving finances

Consult with Mary!

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“Feng shui is the pathway that leads from your space to yourself.”
Mary Roberts

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